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Online Television Online television is the talk of the town. It is the process which enables us to watch the television channels through the internet in our personal computers. We can watch channels in the PC because we get video feeds through the internet.

The concept of Internet seemed so unexpected to the people even few years ago. But with the biggest upgrade in the internet and spread of it in every corner of the world made the impossible, possible. Technology has gone from a wooden box 'black and white television' to the desktop television! In these days, people can watch television through the internet on their pc and also in mobile. As per as the history goes, in 1900, Nikola Tesla dreamed of sending picture through the web. At the beginning the television channels were only provided by the radio. 1965 the cable TV came along, distributing channels through cable wire.

In 1995 the internet television came along. Through the internet streaming TV, people can watch anything they want from a wide list of programs. The amount of internet video is huge and people can chose anything they want to watch.

Not like the old days that in time of the program you have to sit in front of the TV, now the program is waiting for you! Through the advance technology and with the high speed internet, the TV can be watched anywhere. You can watch the regular TV programs or you can choose your programs that you like. Internet is streaming the TV programs and often this feature comes free. For the support of advertisement you can get free video feeds as well.

Internet TV is a great source of information, entertainment and education. It changes the way of our living. People can now watch live TV. Person in one country can watch the media presenting live webcasting of a game easily and can have fun without being there. Later on one can also watch the game on internet or any programs from the library. The library of internet video is the biggest source ever.

Web streaming allows the online viewer to watch any program on the pc without downloading the video clip. Live Webcasting can save the time by killing the download time. Many television channels showed their TV programs on the internet and the people all over the world could watch the programs. Internet television also allows you to download video clips.

Internet television works in many ways. There are lots of companies providing this service. The internet television receives MPEG-2 transport stream in the internet. Later on the internet television captures it and turning in to an internet video. Also the broadcasting of peer to peer paradigm allows this internet TV to perform.

Internet TV is known by many names. Some of them are: TOD (Television on desktop), IPTV Internet Protocol Television. Companies and business firms do depend on them for the publicity of their presence. In the future, website is the only place where people will only dig in. The Media houses, therefore are working behind the internet TV. Because of the internet TV, the entertainment has reached the new horizon.

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