Relieving Your Babys Colic

If your baby has been suffering from colic for some time then the idea of colic relief might seem like a joke to you because more than likely you have tried everything you know of to ease your baby's pain. However, there really are some tips that you can apply and see if they help relieve your baby's discomfort because many times they really are effective. Of course, you think you should stop reading now because you have researched, talked to friends and doctors, and have tried every home remedy there is.

But, keep reading just to make sure you really have because there might be one you have overlooked. Relief for you and your baby may be just around the corner so keep reading. Carry your baby for at least three hours a day and see if that helps relieve colic symptoms. You probably think carrying a crying baby for three hours is more than you can take, but if it helps calm your baby it is certainly worth a try. Consider buying a baby sling or backpack to keep your arms free and baby strapped to your body and moving. Don't worry about giving your child too much attention by doing this either because doctors say that babies under four or five months can't receive too much so carrying them for three hours won't be a problem and it just might help so give it a try.

Many doctors and psychologists say that you should let your baby cry for a while before responding to him/her just to see if they stop crying on their own. However, this is the worst thing you can do for your colicky baby because when your baby is crying he/she is more than likely inhaling lots of air and making his colic worse. So as soon as your baby begins to cry respond to help reduce colic pain.

You won't be spoiling your baby but rather soothing him/her so keep this in mind. Many parents smoke in the home despite the many negative effects is might have on their baby, including colic. So, if your baby is suffering from colic and you or your spouse or another family member is regularly smoking in the home or around the baby then stop.

Colic is exasperated or initiated many times by cigarette smoking and simply smoking away from the baby is often times what is necessary to cure baby from the pain and suffering. Another suggestion is to avoid milk products if you are breastfeeding because many babies are lactose intolerant. If you are formula feeding then consider a lactose free formula to see if this helps. If a baby is lactose intolerant and begins receiving lactose free milk then the colic will more than likely remedy itself quickly.

You might also consider feeding your baby frequently, but small amounts. It is proven that babies can digest better when they eat a very small amount at a time. Colic is no fun at all for baby or parents, but there are some ways to reduce colic pain so keep this in mind. In fact, one of the above suggestions might be the perfect way to reduce your baby's pain.

Vickie Barnes is a colic veteran of two colicky babies. Please visit her website, for reviews of colic remedies and our colic support message board.

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