How To Get A Wholesale PlayStation Online

New wholesale playstation 3 consoles are legendary for selling out if they do happen to be real wholesale prices, in which the case for our 2007- not very likely. Leaving long queues of gamers desperate to get their hands on the latest toy. The launch of the PlayStation 3 so far has been great. Sony initially planned to ship only 400,000 units of the PlayStation 3 within the US, and 100,000 in Japan. They sold without trouble or delays. Judging by the popularity of pre-orders, these will keep selling out very quickly every single month they arrive.

Preorders on Amazon site from Japan site are still getting snapped up within minutes, leaving thousands of disappointed shoppers unable to preorder the PlayStation 3. So another interest for Sony is the potential upcoming initial bulk sell of more units, within weeks. Sony plans to have shipped 6 million PlayStation 3s by March 2007. So, you should not expect to be able to turn up to a shop unprepared and walk away with a wholesale playstation 3 anytime soon. The safest way to get hold of a PS3 is to join one of the queues that will be forming outside the main gaming outlets. As later batches arrive, the waiting process will become quicker and easier.

If you want to try your luck at pre-ordering, you will have to be quick. A couple of outlets have already allowed for pre-ordering, and they have used up their allocations for the units within minutes. If money and ethics are not a problem, you could try getting a PS3 right now on eBay. But this is in many entrepreneurial minds a risky business, and Sony will surely be in the dislike point as many if not all units are being over sold for higher standard prices set previously by Sony. In October 2006 Sony apparently shut down every PS3 auction on eBay. In any case, the prices were astronomical - only the hardest of the hard-core fans will want to pay $1,500- $2000 to get their PS3 today.

If price is your main concern then it might be best to wait until end of 2007 year when distributors will have PS3 available at much lower prices. In short, the options are not that good for many of us who want to get a new Sony unit. It will surely be an expensive, painful process to get our hands on one of these wholesale playstation 3 consoles today, but the majority of us, can wait for better business!.

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